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As it is reflected in my Biography, in the 1979 a new stage in colombofilia began for me. Memory when to my 18 years it said to Rosalía " the greater illusion to him of my life would be to have a Belgian dove ". Thus I returned to begin all new, hard-twisted new one, new doves and I did not acquire one but around 400 doves.

I want to begin thanking to all those that accompanied and advised to me in the continuous trips to Belgium, in the construction of the pigeon house, and they bought up to date me of the Colombofilia at that moment.

They were concentrated more than 400 doves of Belgian origin and some Spaniards and a reproductive panel advised by my good friends was organized Antonio Mountain Giménez, Jaime Sole and André Lietaer.

Of so many and so many doves and single of those 400 have been constructed practically this line of doves that so many and so many successes it has provided to me, nonsingle in Spain but throughout the world.

Sincerely I feel proud of my doves, for me are the best ones, me I have done them, and there where they go they prevail. That greater satisfaction can give a pigeon when travels by the World, and finds people who thank to you for the successes that they obtain with the descendants of them.

This it is the greater prize to than it can inhale a pigeon.

My doves are based on:

    1. A Janssens male that I directly acquired the Janssens brothers.

    2. Three males of Julien-Matthys : Bon Yerling , the Black Pen and the famous Bobet with a Female of 71 year " the old Matthys ".

    3. A male of Norbert Norman, son of the famous Dikkop and his pair.

    4. Two males ( the Perpi6nán and the Figaro ) and a female ( the Bariolé ) of Roger Verekke.

    5. A Male of Zemmer-Nikko line de Andre Lietaer.

    6. The famous acquired Tamme to Descamp Van-Hasten.

    7. A Male and a Female of Henry Lernout.

    8. A Female of Jaime Sole ( the Cobut ).

    9. A blue Male of the pigeon of Terrasa Mr. Prat.

    10. A Son of the famous Lem de Paul Gilmont.

    11. A Male of Jose Luis Cort of Madrid ( Jan Arden ).

With all these doves I began to raise and to work with its descendants. In the 1985 an exceptional harvest is obtained, is born Mickey Mouse, Atomic, Scaramouche, the Moor and other great Champions, emphasizing between all to Mickey Mouse , who is without a doubt the Standard of my pigeon house. Still it lives to his 17 years and the last year it had three descendants.





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