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The base of my pigeon house is the famous and legendary Mickey Mouse, three times Champion of Spain.

Line Mickey Mouse: This line is the one that has given to great reputation to the pigeon house Márquez Prats because practically, can be said, that all takes something of blood of this dove. It has more than one hundred descendants in the reproductive panel. It comes from the old and old lines of Roger Vereeke, André Lietaer and Norbert Norman.

Mickey Mouse was declared by the Spanish Olympic Committee, in the selection of the best athletes of century XX of each Deporte, like the best Dove of the century in the Colombofilia.

It is necessary to emphasize that the brothers of the Mother of Mickey have given like children a:

Saladino, Campanazo, the Duke, the Fox, Napoleón, Fox II, all of them champions.

Also, Mickey Mouse also has given to great descendants Champions, mainly grandsons, because the direct children are reproductive.

Terminator, the prince of Sight; Champion of the World of the 97, Duchess (Campeona of World 1994), Miliki, the Tiger, the Whip, Sanson, Sandokán, Poulidor, Apolo, Omega, Gladiator, Mickey Magic, Miss Lisbon 1998, Miss Lisbon 1999, Miss Lisbon 2000, Miss Lisbon 2001, Fidel, Platanito, Lady Lancelot.

Mickey Mouse has created a recognized extraordinary line anywhere in the world. Their descendants have gained innumerable prizes.
When crossing these doves those of another Pigeon obtain authentic Champions. Always comment when they ask me for his results: " I cannot guarantee that the descendants of Mickey Mouse gain first prizes in the Club where he competes, but if I can assure that all the doves that command to a race a Pigeon first that will arrive to him at their pigeon house will be the descendants of Mickey Mouse. "


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