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This biography has been processed by Luis Fernandez of the Retana (President of Catalan Federation 1982-1994), Victor Gallemi (President of Catalan Federation 1994-2002), Juan Montmany (Champion of the Glass of His Majesty the King 2001) and Jose Mª Corona (President of the Sport Committee and Competition, and Vice-president of the Real Federation Spanish Pigeon).

Carlos Márquez Prats introduced in colombofilia of the hand of his Father at the age of 14 years, becoming partner of the Messenger Society Pigeon of Barcelona. At that time presided over by D. Antonio Argullos Soler.

Luis the very young Fernandez and Juan Montmany then, still we remembered when with other friends, children also of colombófilos, the brothers Is vacant, we spent good short whiles playing futbolín in the bar " the Euras ", of the seat Rius and Taulet of Barcelona, seat of the Society.
Carlos began with a single dove, to which the Champion " called " and thus aid during one season whole. All were ed ***reflx mng and commented "... young, bring the dove again, not yet are lost " and he, week after week competed with " the Champion " (to say has was a dove given by its Agustín uncle), and died at the age of 24 years

Few could glimpse what " the boy " would arrive has to do in the world of colombofilia.

Gallemi writes " memory those afternoons in the house terrace Márquez talking with him and his Father, Higinio Diaz and another friend of many years the well-known Ortega, unfortunately passed away the past year ".

In 1956 already it began to gain some that another prize. It was a very competitive society, more than 100 colombófilos formed the competing being. Nothing less than 100 pigeon houses with true teachers of colombofilia. It was necessary to learn much and fast.

In 1958 it occupies the position of Secretary of the Society, with 17 years, position that occupied in 1958-1959-1960, simultaneously that was Champion of its group winning great amount of trophies.

In 1961 it arrived at the highest from his incipiente race pigeon, when winning really among others the Social Championship, but that was snatched to him by the fraud committed by another pigeon, as it were demonstrated later by the Board of directors that forced to this partner to the return of the gained prizes and his expulsion of the Club. This fact and when entering completely the world of the businesses, did that demoralized Carlos left the competition momentarily, therefore the doves, that continued in the pigeon house of the Sarriá Avenue, not traveling them but without competing.

In 1979 Carlos, always thinking about making the dream of his life, that was not other that to get to be a great pigeon, acquired a property of 10 hectares in I finish municipal of Sant Feliu de Codines, and there he constructed pigeon houses of most modern at that moment.




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